Choosing Payday Loan Company: Customer Service

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If you’ve ended up here at part four of my series of Choosing the Best Payday Loan Company through a link or search engine, and you’d like to start the series from the beginning, then simply click here now!

But if you don’t care about starting at crucial element #4… because all of these elements are crucial… then let’s get right to…

Element #4 – Customer Service

There are really few things more personal than having to take out a payday loan. Taking out a loan of any kind is nerve racking, but a loan that’s taken out due to an emergency or because of the stress of an overdue or pending bill… it’s even worse.

You really have to dig deep into some strong feelings of insecurity, guilt, etc. when looking into a payday loan. You’re not even sure if you’re doing the right thing, and you’re actually too embarrassed to ask anyone.

Does that sound a little bit like where you’re at right now?

I know how that feels, and so it’s important that you deal with a company that can be there to help provide some answers for you.

One of the things that’s ultra important to me when getting a payday loan, or making any sort of transaction such as this, is that there’s really good customer service.

In my mind I believe that if a company is conscientious enough to think about having good customer service, then it puts me a little bit more at ease about how they’re going to treat me as far as what they’ll do with my highly sensitive information as spoke about in part 3 of this series…as well as how they’ll treat me throughout the whole process.

Good customer service does give me that extra element of trust in a company.

Then there’s the fact that well…I might have some problems when applying.

It’s likely that when you’re filling out your application for your payday loan, that you’re not sitting there at work filling it out in the middle of the day, or at home in the family room with everyone gathered around you helping you out.

It’s more likely that you’re up late or in the middle of the night when the worrying is affecting you the most…or where your spouse and kids won’t see what you’re doing because it’s not your proudest moment.

In any case you might need help applying. If you do, you want a way to be able to solve whatever problem it is that you’re having, and not let it get you so frustrated that you don’t apply at all, and then default on your bill… or let your car run into the ground or something terrible like that.

Or… you may have a problem when it comes time to pay the loan back. You might not have the funds in your account when your payday loan is due. You may have to extend that loan, and so you want to able to reach this company and talk to them, and work something out so that you’re not in default… but still remain within their good graces.

So you want to be able to give them a call, and let them know that you’re having a problem if and when you need to.

What do you do then?

How to Know If a Payday Loan Company Has Good Customer Service…

Well you can read the reviews of some of the better companies that have good customer service.

You can also give them a call or send them an email. Test them out. Ask them a question via email and see how long it takes them to get back to you. If there’s a chat option, get on there and see if they answer or if some notice comes up telling you to email them or call.

Call them and see how long it takes them to answer their phone, and if they do, how well they can answer your question thoroughly, how patient they are with you, and how friendly they seem.

Are they based in America or is it outsourced? All of these things are crucial elements that need to be in place.

Alright if you’re ready now, and you realize that customer service is a big crucial element…and you’re ready to get to the next and last part of the series…then click here now!

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