Choosing the Best Payday Loan Company: Ease of Applying

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If you’re in a position where you need a payday loan, then now is not the time that you want to get into more trouble by choosing the wrong payday loan company.

You’re already worried about whatever bill, expense, or emergency that’s come up, so having to worry about which payday loan company to go with is not something that you want to add to that list.

More than likely you don’t really want to have to get one of these loans in the first place, or should I say…have to get it and then pay it back. But life throws us curve balls sometimes and we have to do what’s necessary.

So instead of feeling bad about being in this situation, the best advice is to a) make sure that you’ll be able to pay it back in time and b) do your homework, and pick the best company available for your situation…

Alright then, with that being said, I want to help you make the right decision over the next five articles on this blog in a series on “Choosing the Best Payday Loan Company”, so let’s get started right away with…

Element #1 – Ease of Applying for the Loan

Of course you never want to be hasty when it comes to applying for a loan, but let’s be honest…

You probably need this money pretty quick. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be searching out one of these loans in the first place. Therefore you don’t want to have to sit through some long and drawn out process of applying.

So one of the things that I always look for is how easy the application process is. Will you have to fill out ten pages online; then get on the phone with someone for an interview; and then still have to fax a ton of stuff to the loan company?

In that case you might as well be applying for a mortgage!

Of course these companies have to cover their butts as well, but you need a quick loan, and you need it fast.

Many of the online companies that I typically recommend for a payday loan are very fast with their applications.

They’re generally between two and three pages, and the approval process is basically immediate.

But how can this be? Should you worry when it’s this quick to apply and get accepted for a loan?

Well there is that element of something seeming too good to be true, but the truth lies more in the actuality of the loan that we’re talking about.

First of all, you’re not applying for a huge loan amount. Most payday loans are for the amounts of $500 to $1500. So while these loans may be high risk to the lender because of the fact that applicants usually don’t have the best credit in the world…the money amount is still generally small.

But that’s not the reason why most of these lenders are easy to get along with as far as applying goes. The other reason is that…well…they have your bank account number, your social security number, and your address, and they verify it all before they lend to you.

So in essence, they’ve got you. You’re going to have to repay the loan one way or another. It’s up to you how easy or difficult that is, but you’ll repay. So there’s not a lot of worry on their end, as long as you do not currently owe a payday loan, or have recently defaulted on one.

They also look into things such as your recent bank statements, and recent or current bankruptcies.

Fast and Easy Applying…

Generally, the application process consists of you filling out 2 or 3 pages online. You fill out your information and answer a few questions that the lenders need answered.

They have software that gives them the answer to these questions at breakneck speed due to the internet, and therefore they only need some key information from you to verify it.

Simple, easy, and done!

So if you’re trying to choose the best payday loan company, make sure that element #1, which is ease of applying is there. Some great companies who have this element in place are 100 Day Loans and Cash Net USA.

Alright if you’re ready to move onto the next element and article in our series of “Choosing the Best Payday Loan” then simply click here now!

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